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  • Over Bar Mitzvah

We've got you a pair for you.

Project Tzitzis Feat. Uzi Bodner

Composed & Produced by Yitzy Waldner.

Arranged by Shua Sorscher.

Project Tzitzis |  +25 Countries

25+ Countries

Project Tzitzis | Given out over 7,00 tzitzis

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Project Tzitzis Mexico


If you’re a Jewish male over age 13, you get a mitzvah for every minute of the day you wear a kosher pair of tzitzis.
And guess what? It’s just a t-shirt with strings!

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What is Project Tzitzis

Project Tzitzis is all about making tzitzis accessible to anyone who is obligated to wear them, anywhere in the world.

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Project Tzitzis Israel


You can order a pair for yourself or a
friend, or get in touch to organize a Project Tzitzis event for your school, camp or community.

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