Project Tzitzis Events

Our story

The pair of tziztis that started it all.

Meet Our Team

Get to know the guys behind the Tzitzis Revolution.
Aaron Skriloff | Co-Founder, Project Tziztis

The Heart

Aaron Skriloff


Aaron takes care of Israel based event.

Just a random kid from Brooklyn, Aaron Skriloff was going through a rough time when a pair of tzitzis helped him turn his life around. It was his experience that sparked the beginnings of Project Tzitzis.

Aaron Skriloff is the tech man behind Project Tzitzis taking care of the website, social media and online orders.

The Mover

Sholom Becher

Flatbush NY

Responsible for most US based events.

Moved by Aaron's story, Sholom wanted to give every boy a chance to turn their life around the way Aaron did. Snap! Project Tzitzis was born. Since then he has been the moving force behind much of PT activities- ordering and shipping countless pairs of tzitzis every day to locations around the US (and often further!)

Project Tzitzis is based out of Sholom Becher's house and.. car!

Sholom Becher | Co-Founder, Project Tziztis